The Best Anime About Business, Management, Or Similar Themes

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Anime about business, running a business, or entrepreneurship is rare.

You don’t see it often.

It’s not that the anime industry can’t do it, it’s just that not many have explored the idea. It can happen anytime.

The anime in this list, while not completely about business in some cases, do highlight business regardless. And it plays a relevant role.

Expect to see things like:

  • Business.
  • Making money.
  • Management.
  • The inner workings of an organization.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Economics.

And similar themes from the anime mentioned in this post.

Let’s get to it!

1. Spice And Wolf

spice and wolf cute couple

Spice And Wolf is a classic. It’s an anime with many themes like romance, fantasy, and so on.

While romance is a common, but subtle theme in this series, business, stocks, and making money as a merchant is a common theme.

Kraft Lawrence is a traveling merchant who makes money on the go. He ends up being joined by Holo The Wise Wolf.

She helps out with her solid intuition and her ability to read people. Kraft on the other hand knows his business, economics, and things along those lines.

Together they make money, travel together, and live their lives in each other’s comfort. And it’s all self-funded.

Needs another season!

2. Tamako Market

Tamako Market mochi shop

Made by Kyoto Ainmation, Tamako Market is about MOCHI in a nutshell. Mochi is a type of Japanese dish.

Tamako Kitashirakawa, the MC, is the daughter of a Mochi shop owner, and she helps out in the business.

The market town they live in gives the anime a business vibe that’s relatable for people in similar environments.

You don’t get the hardcore version of business in this anime since it’s slice of life and some comedy, but it’s a common theme you see while watching.

You can call it a laid back business anime where “business” plays a background role, but is still relevant.

3. Amagi Brilliant Park

Amagi Brilliant Park kanie isuzu

Another anime by Kyoto Animation. Amagi Brilliant Park has the visuals the studio is known for. It’s easy on the eyes.

The story here is an amusement park is running out of money and may go out of business. They find someone (Kanie) to help turn the business around.

This amusement park is magic related, but the anime focuses more on the realistic elements than the fantasy stuff.

Comedy is a big part of this series and how they push the plot forward, but there are small insights into business, money, and how things work.

4. Ascendance Of A Bookworm

Ascendance Of A Bookworm myne cute

This has to be the most underrated Isekai anime of all time. The ratings are high, but the popularity is lower than it should be.

The anime is about Myne, a girl who after reincarnating in another world, is a 6-7 year old child.

The child’s body is frail, so she has to get used to it.

Being a lover of books (bookworm) she wants to pursue this passion in the new world, but only nobles and rich people have that privilege.

This leads myne to creating and selling products like hair clips, cakes, creams, and so on. Her entrepreneurial side starts to blossom.

This evolves even more when she finds a business partner. But I’ll avoid spoilers.

5. Sakura Quest

Sakura Quest yoshino crown

Made by P.A Works, Sakura Quest is an anime about a village called Manoyama. It’s actually a real life village based in Japan.

Yoshino Koharu ends up in Manoyama after finding a job and being sick of Tokyo life. She accidentally ends up in the tourism business.

After other young women get on board, they all work hard to bring life to Manoyama and get its tourism business booming again.

The main things you’ll learn and see are how the tourism business works, decisions that are made, board meetings and more.

On top of that the anime is entertaining, relaxing, and has a lot of compelling characters + moments.

6. Maou Yuusha

Maou Yuusha maou and yuusha cute

Maou is translation for “demon lord” in Japanese. Yuusha means “hero” in Japanese.

Ironically the demon lord meets the hero, and they both end up in a relationship. Also they both work to rebuild countries, society, and they do it from the ground up.

Building out plans to grow crop, expand the farming business, make people self sufficient, and plenty more.

This is more about business from an economic, holistic point of view. Especially as far as politics, government, and things of that nature.

7. New Game

New Game aoba and yunyun e1629229607767

This anime is about Eagle Jump, a gaming company, and the employees, programmers, and managers who work within it.

Aoba Suzukaze is the newest employee and the MC.

We see things from:

  • Her perspective
  • How she grows as a person
  • The good and bad of working on your passions

And how games are developed behind the scenes (bugs, errors, etc).

The business side to New Game is more about the organization, and the workers within it. And how they work together.

8. Drugstore In Another World

Drugstore In Another World kirio noela

Drugstore In Another World is self explanatory when it comes to the business side of it.

Kirio, the MC, runs a drug store. Or a pharmaceutical store if you wanna put it like that.

As a pharmacist he deals with all kinds of customers. Swordsman, nobles, retailers, and so on.

You don’t get to see the business side of things in a detailed sense, but “business” is a BIG part of it.

Drugstore In Another World is also an Isekai!

9. Jormungand

Jormungand koko jona scene

Jormungand might not show the traditional type of business, but it’s business none the less. Just a grim side of it.

The main theme is about arms dealers. A very real thing in real life. That’s what makes Jormungand so realistic and true to life.

The way the arms dealing business is portrayed is unlike anything you’d expect. Many have described it as accurate.

Koko Hekmatyar is the main character, and she’s a millionaire with a set of bodyguards who protect her.

The fact that they travel from country to country, worldwide, makes the scenery fresher than most comparable anime.

The action and life lessons run deep.

10. Shirobako

shirobako pa works anime

Another anime from P.A Works, Shirobako came before Sakura Quest. There are similarities, even with designs.

Shirobako is one of the most important anime any fan could watch. The whole theme is about the anime industry.

You get to see:

  • How an anime is made.
  • How meetings come about.
  • How each scene is compiled in each episode.
  • What goes into directing an anime.
  • The workload and tight schedules.
  • The stress and potential arguments.

Shirobako goes into heavy detail, and you’ll come out a better person after watching and understanding what goes into the average anime.

It doesn’t get more real than watching an anime about the anime business itself.

Other anime with similar themes:

  • Wagnaria.
  • Servant x Service.
  • Maid Sama.
  • Blend S.
  • Moshidora.
  • Black Lagoon.
  • The Great Pretender.

Are there more anime to add to this list?


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