14+ Best Anime Quotes About Being Grateful You Can Learn From!

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As the trendsetter of anime/manga quotes on the internet, WotakuGo has covered all kinds of quote topics.

From topics like:

  • Betrayal.
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And many more. Today we’ll focus on anime quotes about gratitude and being grateful.

Some of these quotes will have life lessons to learn from, others more comedic and will bring you back to a memorable moment in anime….

And others may give food for thought in general.

Here’s a list!

Best anime quotes about being grateful:

1. Manato Quotes (Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash)

manato grimgar quotes 2

“I’m the one who is grateful. That’s because you’re all willing to be my friends. For that, I’m grateful.” – Manato

2. Watashi (Humanity Has Declined)

Watashi quotes jinrui wa suitai 4

“I’ve never been so grateful to have walls to shut the world out.” – Watashi

3. Mami Tomoe Quotes (Madoka Magica)

mami tomoe quotes madoka magica

“If you use your wish to grant someone else’s, you should be careful you know exactly why you are doing it. Are you really doing it for someone else’s benefit? Or the opposite, you’re doing it for that person’s everlasting gratitude.” – Mami Tomoe

4. C.C Quotes (Code Geass)

C.C code geass quotes

“People… humans are the being who look for happiness. What the Britannian boy, Lelouch, wanted to have was nothing but a small happiness. It’s nothing special. At least at the root of his motives, there were only humble wishes that were simply natural to any human. Who could ever disclaim such dreams and such vows? Who could ever have the right to do that? However, whoever you might be, without choice, you have to deal with others and with the world, and have yourself be regulated and set down. Therefore, in the face of the world’s wills, your personal speculations are so ephemeral they can’t help being overwhelmed. Sins and punishments, destiny and judgment. What stands in front of Lelouch is the past he brought forth by himself. Is it a hatred resulting from the fact that humans are humans? Nonetheless, for now, we should be grateful… Yes, at least, to the fact that humans are the beings who look for happiness.” – C.C

5. Lelouch Lamperouge Quotes (Code Geass)

lelouch lamperouge quotes

“Why don’t you understand? Nunnally was blinded! My own sister was crippled! She knew… she knew that there were things in this world that she will never be able to do by herself! So her smile… Nunnally’s smile… was her way of expressing gratitude!” – Lelouch Lamperouge

6. Mobile Suit Gundam Quotes

mobile suit gundam quotes

“Reflecting upon death, one appreciates life. If that’s the case, does it take a mistake for people to choose the right path? Behold the brilliance of the heavens burdened with sin.”

7. Yuuji Kazami Quotes (Fruits Of Grisaia)

yuuji kazami quotes 6

“If you’ve got energy to spend on feeling guilty, then use it to show your gratitude.” – Yuuji Kazami

8. Gajeel Redfox Quotes

Gajeel Redfox Quotes 2

“You taught me what it means to love, and for that I will be eternally grateful.” – Gajeel Redfox

9. Misaki Ayuzawa Quotes (Maid Sama)

Maid Sama Quotes 8

“I’m a little grateful to you. I wonder if I’ll forget these feelings too.” – Misaki Ayuzawa

10. Uryuu Ishida Quotes (Bleach)

Uryu Ishida Quotes Bleach (5)

“I assure you, my gratitude is sincere.” – Uryuu Ishida

11. Ritful Quotes (Claymore)

ritful claymore quotes

“Being thrown away by humans, devoted to them even though you aren’t one of them… and once they are finished with you, they have you end your life yourself… and not even an ounce of gratitude for all that. On the contrary: for your whole life you are hated and reviled. It really is idiotic. We are a different species after all. Once you start seeing things that way, it all becomes very easy to accept. Do humans shed tears for the birds, pigs, cows and sheep that become their food? Of course they don’t. They are a different species after all. That is nature. That is the truth. That is Providence. Your way of thinking up to now was the warped one.” – Ritful

12. Hattori Heiji Quotes (Detective Conan)

hattori heiji quotes

“Life is short so it will be appreciated. We live to our fullest due to that.” – Hattori Heiji

13. Yasaburo Shimogamo Quotes (Uchouten Kazoku)

Yasaburo Shimogamo quotes

“There are all sorts of goodbyes. There are sad goodbyes, and sometimes goodbyes you’re thankful for, that take a load off your mind. It often happens that someone you say goodbye to unexpectedly returns, all self-conscious. Then there are times when, anticipating that, you put on the front of a short goodbye, only to have them not return so soon. And then there are goodbyes that last forever, true goodbyes that only happen once in your life.” – Yasaburo Shimogamo

14. Sei Quotes (Suicide Island)

sei quotes suicide island

“Right now, we’re all really only taking it day by day. Even if we can’t get used to things, even if we can’t win at something, even if we don’t have any excess…In order to live day by day, we work, we fail, and we succeed. Sometimes we laugh. For the blessing before our very eyes, for our friends, we’re thankful. Who knew that people could feel happiness just from living?” – Sei

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