The 22+ Best Nutaku Games You’ll LOVE Playing If You Enjoy Ecchi And Hentai

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Nutaku Gamesis a publishing company which:

  • Publishes its own hentaigames.
  • Allows game makers to publish their games on Nutaku’s platform.
  • Has well over 100M visitors per month to its website.

And is well known in the anime community for their:

  • Steamy.
  • Naughty.
  • Lewd.

And even uncensoredhentaigames, ranging from:

  • Dating sims.
  • Strategy and tactics.
  • RPG (Role Playing Games).
  • Romance.
  • Comedy.
  • Visual novels.
  • Action and adventure.

And many more anime games with lewd, censored, or uncensored content.

Nutaku’s games are exclusive, usually, and considered the best go-to online hentaigames on the market.

Here’s a list.

The BEST Nutaku Games To Start Playing Today:

1. Attack On Moe H

Not Attack On Titan, but Attack On Moe! A play on the same name.

The emergence of colossal entities, referred to as Moetan, has brought substantial disruption to the vulnerable Pixel Kingdom.

Your mission necessitates leading the Pixel populace to triumph through any available means.

2. Slutty Journey

Slutty Journey’s name speaks for itself.

Go on a courageous journey through over 14 captivating story chapters, featuring both Normal and Hard mode stages.

Get lost in an elevated Hentai-scene experience with the inclusion of voice acting that satisfies!

3. Queens Libido Diary

Queen Libido’s Diary is an uncensored, harem-style game with fantasy elements.

Experience the excitement of this quest as you assemble your exclusive team of gorgeousbabes.

4. Busty Biz

Busty Biz is about creating your own empire in the adult and porn business!

Gang bang, anal, big breasts, and uncensored content awaits.

5. Overlewd

Overlewd offers a tantalizing voyage for connoisseurs of adult-themed adventures.

In Nutaku’s own words:

Jump into the rich world of battles and droves of horny beauties eager to please and be pleased, all with a side of humorous storytelling.

6. Master Of Ives

Master Of Ives a monster girl game with beauties by the dozens for your very own harem.

Key features:

  • 10 alluring Ives with 3 Stages of Evolution.
  • 26 enticing Ives with 5 Stages of Evolution.
  • New Ives joining the Institute constantly!

7. Booty Calls

Start playing a western-style dating sim game in the context of a Hentai game.

With Booty Calls’ set of unique puzzle mechanics to amp up the entertainment, this is just one of the reasons it’s a popular Nutaku game.

8. Eros Fantasy

Cat Girls, demons, uncensoredhentai scenes, and a choice of monster girls. Eros Fantasy is the perfect setup and will be attractive to the most seasoned of Otakus and gamers.

9. Chick Wars

When you mix an anime RPG Game with some erotica and lewd content, you end up with a result like Chick Wars. Which is a good thing.

This monster girl game is one of Nutaku’s best and most popular.

10. Clash Of Hentai

Sometimes you want to play an adulthentai game with strategy, tactics, and something that requires a bit more thought.

Clash Of Hentai is the game you want to play if this is what you seek.

Character upgrades, customizations, and so much more awaits.

11. Booty Farm

As the name suggests, Booty Farm is a top Nutaku game where you’re actually on the farm. But with lots of booty on every corner to help things get steamy and lewd.

Get started with this western-style hentai game!


You’re the boss, and you have girls working under you in the empire you’ve built. And things get intimate with each and every girl in this dating sim style clicker game.

Help the hottestbabes become the best cam girls possible as you hire them!

13. Strip Club Tycoon

As the title may imply, this hentai game on Nutaku’s platform is about running a strip club, so you already know what that means as far as PLOT and gaming mechanics.

This Nutaku game is interactive, uncensored, and offers a Western approach to lewd anime games.

14. Project QT

Looking for a puzzle type of RPG game with Sci-fi and unique game mechanics? Project QT has something different to offer.

Partial voice acting, Yanderes, and of course, voluptuous women of all shapes and sizes to please the eyes.

15. Shelter 69

Shelter 69 is a sci-fi-style nutaku game with fresh visuals, a post-apocalyptic theme, and sex scenes galore where it counts.

40+ characters to engage and interact with.

16. Magicami DX

Magicami DX is a magical girl RPG game, except it’s not the innocent type you see with anime shows – it has HENTAI scenes, themes, and plenty more.

Enjoy features like having your own customizable magical girls, auto-play features, and more at your fingertips.

17. The Last Weekend

The Last Weekend is available for Windows Desktop and MAC OSX.

It involves dark humour, a western art style, and third-person visuals.

It’s one of Nutaku’s many popular games.

18. Lonely Catgirl is the Purrfect Pussy

Slice of life/neko style hentai game via Nutaku. It takes a different approach from many other Nutaku online games.

The title alone should gibe you enough clues as to what you can expect!

19. Masochistic Elves from Another World

Elves, maids, masochistic women who want to be punished and mistreated – this is an Isekai packaged into a full-fledged online hentai game.

Available on Windows Desktop.

20. Horny Villa

This Lesbian, slice of life Nutaku game features BDSM, masturbation, and hardcore material.

The game’s title speaks for itself.

This game is popular and was released in 2023.

21. Cum & Gun

Water pistols, third-person shooting, and hot sexybabes running around having fun and looking good while doing it?

Throw in some hentai and you’ve got Cum & Gun!

This game has a competitive element to it.

22. Kink Inc

Kink Inc has weekly events that take place in the game, and with its main theme of you, the MC, building political power and having the sexiest assistants around, it can only add to the value and entertainment of the game.

23. Hentai Heaven’s Slutty Salvation

In the typical Isekai anime, you get Isekai‘d, you maybe have a harem, get a massive power boost, and that’s about it.

In this Nutaku game Hentai Haven’s Slutty Salvation, you also get Isekai‘d but with sexual benefits to go with it!

Bondage, threesomes, ahegao – this Nutaku game highlights the sexual aspects in depth.


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