34 Of The Most Interesting Blue Haired Anime Girls Ever Created

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Anime girl blue hair

There’s something special about anime girls with blue hair. Probably because:

  • It’s an unusual hair color.
  • And it gives off a unique look like no other.

As well as other reasons I’m sure you’d be able to come up with.

And unlike the average Anime character, there aren’t many blue haired anime girls compared to black/brown hair.

I don’t think there’s any denying that.

Here’s a list of 34 blue haired anime girls with some of the best characteristics, charm and personalities.

1. Suzuno Kamazuki

30 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Suzuno from The Devil Is A Part-Timer.

Suzuno Kamazuki is one of the later characters from The Devil Is A Part-Timer. A comedy show that’s creative in more ways than one.

She’s unfamiliar with how the world works (earth) in a lot of ways because she’s from a different world all together.

But she has a cool, calm and collected vibe about her that’s attractive.

It’s one of the qualities that makes Suzuno worthy of this list of Anime girls who are charming. On top of the act that she’s relaxing to be around.

2. Yuzuha

34 Of The Most Interesting Blue Haired Anime Girls Ever Created
Yuzuha from The One Being Sung Anime.

Yuzuha is a blind girl from the Anime – The One Being Sung. And is usually bedridden because of her sickness.

What makes her personality shine is how caring, giving, and even fun she is to be around.

Despite her disabilities and physical limitations.

She’s the kind of person you can talk to and trust in your life. And will soothe your soul with nothing other than the sound of her calm voice.

3. Nayuki Nanase

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Nayuki – Kanon Anime.

Nayuki is generally a happy girl with a positive attitude and a jolly nature. She’s also the cousin of the main character – Yuichi from Kanon.

What makes her charming is her inner strength and ability to deal with life. And also how she strives to stay positive no matter the circumstances.

Her flaw is the way she struggles to wake up in the morning because she’s such a heavy sleeper. But that’s what makes her unique as a character.

4. Mio Nishizono

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Mio Nishizono from Little Busters.

Mio is a lonely, introverted character from the Slice Of Life show – Little Busters. Who likes to keep to herself, read books, and sit outside in the sunshine.

At first, she goes unnoticed, but once she starts to open up and express herself, you realize just how much of a warm personality Mio has.

It can be hard to tell what she’s thinking, and that’s what makes her interesting.

5. Ryuko Matoi

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Kill La Kill Anime character.

You could argue that Ryuko Matoi‘s hair is black and red. But a lot of the time it’s also navy blue mixed with red as well.

Ryuko Matoi hardly needs an introduction.

She’s one of the most straightforward, determined, opinionated Anime girls ever created.

And she’s not afraid to take risks, fight for her beliefs, and crush any obstacle that stands in Ryuko’s path.

Ryuko’s strong personality may be rough around the edges, but that’s what makes her memorable and interesting.

6. Mikoto Suou

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Mikoto from School Rumble.

Straight from the comedy Anime show – School Rumble.

Mikoto is a hard-working, dedicated and committed character.

Besides her attractive character design, she knows how to fight as she’s trained in the use of Kenpo. And is a little bit of the Tom-Boy type of character.

7. Princess Lenessia

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Princess Lenessia from Log Horizon.

A young and attractive princess from the gamers Anime – Log Horizon. Except she’s not what you’d expect the average princess to act like.

She’s lazy, laid back, and loves to stuff her face and eat a lot.

But at the same time – she’s unique and has a personality that’s nothing like what you’d expect from a typical princess.

That’s what makes her personality shine, and is part of what makes Lenessia so charming.

8. Nagahide Niwa

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Oda Nobuna Anime character.

Nagahide is a surprisingly calm Anime character from the historical show – Oda Nobuna. Even when on the battlefield, Nagahide is cheerful, calm and jolly just like her usual self.

And she’s always seen smiling at something or approaching life with a laid-back, level-headed attitude.

This is what makes Nagahide shine and her charm is the definition of irresistible. And to top it off – she’s got the brains and not just the beauty.

9. Akiko Minase

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
The mother of Nayuki Nanase.

Aunt Akiko (as Yuichi calls her) is the mother of Nayuki from Romance Anime – Kanon.

Ever met someone in real life with a gentle personality? This is exactly what Akiko’s personality is like.

Always thoughtful, generous and thinking of others. Also, she’s one of the best Anime parents out there!

10. Sayaka Miki

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Magical girl from Madoka Magica.

Sayaka is an introverted character who’s quite shy. At least at the beginning of the show. What makes Sayaka a great character is her fiery determination.

She’s the type who if they say they’ll do something, they get out there and do it by taking action.

Sayaka’s an empathetic type of character just like Madoka Kaname.

11. Saya Sasamiya

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Asterisk War anime character.

The first impression of Saya Sasamiya is – she’s drowsy, lazy and not very alert. But the truth is – she’s sharper and much more intelligent than she appears.

As well as motivated.

Saya’s personality makes her “Interesting” to be around. Because she’s unconventional and different, and she has a love for all things technology.

12. Mai Kawasumi

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Anime girl from Kanon.

Similar to Saya Sasamiya, Mai’s personality is far from typical or conventional.

Everything about her is different. From the way she talks, communicates, deals with people and even how she talks with her friends.

Mai is the introvert who once you get to know them, she’s cool and relaxing to hang out with.

Giver food and she’s bound to be a friend for life!

13. Umi Ryuuzaki

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Magic Knight from Magic Knight Rayearth Anime.

Umi is a magic knight from the fantasy show – Magic Knight Rayearth.

Short-tempered, easily agitated and angered, but so caring, empathetic, and emotional when it comes to her friends. And those she cares about.

She’s also quite tall with a slim body type.

Umi is like the big sister who will come to your rescue to help you, listen, and do whatever she can to protect you. And that’s the kind of role Umi plays in the Anime – Magic Knight Rayearth.

14. Rikka Takanashi

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Chuunibyou anime girl.

Crazy, creative, unconventional, over-the-top, fun and hilarious. These are the words that describe Rikka Takanashi from Chuunibyou.

A lot of the time she acts like she’s a magician with dark magical powers. Or in Rikka’s words – “The eye of the wicked lord”.

Her personality is one of the weirdest and strangest on this list, but that’s also why she’s pretty damn cool.

15. Ami Mizuno

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon.

Ami is actually Sailor Mercury from the popular Sailor Moon series.

Intelligent, witty, smart, kind, hard-working… These words describe Ami’s personality in a nutshell.

She’s the type of friend who once she’s your friend – she’ll be a friend for life. And will always have your back and will work hard to solve any problem she faces.

16. Karura

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Character from – The One Being Sung.

Karura s a former slave from the Anime – The One Being Sung.

Regardless of her cruel past and upbringing, she’s surprisingly chilled, excited, and sarcastic, with a fun and outgoing personality.

And is usually the type to lighten the mood and approach life with a laid-back attitude.

Karura is without a doubt the strongest Anime girl on this list. Physically at least.

17. Levy McGarden

levy mcgarden ft

We need to unite. The exam split us apart and we prioritized ourselves over our allies. But we can’t stay like that now. The enemy is a great one! Therefore, we, Fairy Tail, must combine our strength and win!” – Levy McGarden

Levy’s intelligence is one of her best traits. And it’s what makes Levy’s personality so charming and attractive.

She loves books, reading, learning, educating herself, and understanding how the world works. No matter how complex the challenge is.

In case you’re unaware, she plays a role in the Anime – Fairy Tail.

18. Kotomi Ichinose

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Kotomi from Clannad.

“I must study lots of things or I won’t become a great person.” – Kotomi Ichinose

Kotomi’s hair colour is in between Navy blue/purple. So it made sense to feature her in this list.

She’s the perfect example of an introvert, who prefers to keep to herself. Has a love of books, education, and excels when it comes to academics.

19. Aki Adagaki

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
From Masamune Kun’s Revenge.

Just like in the image above, Aki Adagaki is really a shy girl who’s easily flustered and embarrassed.

But on the outside, she’s tough, cruel, puts up a barrier and seems unapproachable. Especially for boys.

Beyond her “cruel” image lies a decent girl with her own unique charm. Which only few will ever get to see.

20. Bulma

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Bulma hardly needs an introduction.

By far one of the most famous Anime characters (and girls) of all the time. Bulma from the Dragon Ball franchise is the mother of Trunks and the wife to Vegeta.

From the very beginning of DB to the latest DB super series, Bulma has always been the nerd/geek type. She loves technology, gadgets, inventing new things while using her creativity and intelligence.

And she’s one of the most fun Anime girls to be around. Until you make her angry that is.

21. Umi Sonoda

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Love Live Idol.

Umi Sonoda is one of the 9 main characters from Love Live School Idol Project.

Bossy, determined, headstrong, serious, focused and does whatever it takes to get the job done.

She doesn’t slack off and finds it irritating when others around her aren’t making an effort.

Umi is a natural leader with a strong sense of independence, a quality that’s hard to dislike.

22. Rom

rom cute hyperdimen neptunia

In Rom’s transformed state (as a goddess) her hair is bright blue like Saya Sasamiya. Rom is the younger sister of Blanc from Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Like her twin sister – Ram, Rom is full of energy, charm, excitement and is all about having a good time. The type of person you’d find it hard to not be happy and high-spirited when around her.

23. Konata Izumi

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Lucky star main character.

As you can tell from the image, Konata Izumi sometimes has a sneaky look on her face.

Usually when she’s mocking Kagumi, a main character from Anime – Lucky Star.

She’s a hardcore Otaku/gamer, and loves everything related to video games and Otaku culture.

Even though she acts lazy and as if she can’t be bothered with education, Konata is smart and more than capable.

24.  Shino Asada

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Sword Art Online Season 2.

A sharp-shooter/sniper in the game of Sword Art Online. And an introverted/shy/awkward character in the real world, who just wants to have friends.

Her skills as a gamer are undeniable.

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25. Wendy Marvell

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Fairy Tail Anime character.

Wendy Marvell at first is shy, reserved, and easily frightened. But as time goes by she becomes much stronger, both in body and fighting spirit.

She puts others before herself without even thinking twice. And is so kind it’s heartwarming.

I think she has one of the best character developments out of this 34 anime girl list.

26. Asuna Yuuki

31 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Asuna Yuuki SAO.

One of the main characters from the SAO anime series. Asuna Yuuki hardly needs an introduction.

Without her, there would be no SAO in the first place, as she plays a large part in the gaming Anime show.

27. Rika Furude

rika furude blue hair

Rika Furude is a main character from the Higurashi: When They Cry series.

An incredible kid with a sharp mind, foresight, and more than anything else – mysterious.

It’s this mystique that makes Rika Furude interesting, as well as how she’s so connected to the plot in the Anime series. But of course, you’ll know what I mean after watching the Anime yourself!

28. Squid Girl

31 Of The Most Interesting Blue Haired Anime Girls Ever Created
Squid Girl smiling.

Squid Girl is exactly that, a squid “girl” who lives in the sea. But is also able to live on land because of her “human-like” form.

On the surface, she seems menacing and dangerous. But underneath she’s a fun, random, weird and unique girl who wants to have fun.

I’d recommend watching this Anime if you haven’t already!

29. Yoshino

31 Of The Most Interesting Blue Haired Anime Girls Ever Created
Yoshino from Date A Live.

Similar to Kanna from Miss Kobayashi, Yoshino is what you’d call “cute.

She’s usually seen with her talking doll and is easily upset by the smallest things. But at the same time, her heart is so pure you could trust her every word without a doubt in the world.

30. Chizuru Aizawa

Squid Girl anime character.

Chizuru has a lot of similarities to Chi-Chi from DBZ.

She’s kind, generous, giving, hard-working and helpful.

But the moment you get on her bad side she won’t hesitate to speak her mind, punish you or let you know about it.

Of course in the case of the Anime – Squid Girl, it’s all about comedy. But there’s something mysterious about Chizuru that makes her an interesting character.

She’s the type of person who most people will find difficult to figure out.

31. Juvia Lockser

31 Of The Most Interesting Blue Haired Anime Girls Ever Created
Juvia, the water mage.

Juvia from Fairy Tail has a strong personality.

Sometimes to the point where others will find it overbearing or too much.

What makes Juvia interesting is the amount of passion she has for the things she loves and believes in.

Her feelings are pure and true, and she has no problems being straightforward about how she feels about something (or someone).

Honesty is something many people struggle with, but Juvia handles it well. And watching Juvia Lockser’s character develop throughout Fairy Tail is what makes her so interesting.

32. Esdeath

33 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill.

Esdeath has a sweet smile, attractive looks, lots of confidence and is fiercely independent.

Underneath this is an ugly side as she’s sadistic and finds pleasure in torturing people. And is always hungry for war.

This is all caused by her brutal, tough upbringing as a child.

It’s all these traits, strengths and flaws that make Esdeath such an interesting character who’s deserving of this list.

33. Sayaka Maizono

33 Blue Haired Anime Girls Who Are Irresistibly Charming
Sayaka from Danganronpa.

Sayaka is an idol with a sweet, relaxed, gentle and kind personality. She’s approachable and easy to talk to, but at the same time is one to keep secrets.

Especially when feeling pressured or threatened by something.

Sayaka Maizono is one of the many characters from the Psychological Anime show – Danganronpa.

34. Yukino Agria

34 Of The Most Interesting Blue Haired Anime Girls Ever Created
Fairy Tail Anime character.

Yukino is part of the guild belonging to Sting, Rogue, Minerva and a couple more. In the Anime series – Fairy Tail.

Yukino Agria is a girl whose kindness not only is her strength, but also her weakness.

While she is a strong person, she also starts out quite vulnerable. Despite having lots of self-confidence and even sometimes, being too overconfident.

But all in all, her perspective, the way she sees things and her personality are amazing.

Yukino’s courage is also a great trait that makes her an interesting and memorable character from Fairy Tail.

Which blue-haired anime girl do you think is missing from this list?


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