Cells At Work Season 3: Confirmed For 2022? Everything To Know

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Cells At Work Season 3

Everyone began to ask whether they will see Cells At Work Season 3 or not right after watching its second season finale. Its recent run came to an end a few months ago, and the fans of this educational comedy series are already concerned about its next run. So, will the studio ever renew it for another run? Here are all the latest details. 

Cells At Work, also known as Hataraku Saibou in Japanese, is a biology comedy anime series. It follows the plot from Akane Shimizu’s manga series manga of the same name. It highlights the cells’ work in the human body, and its protagonists are RBCs and WBCs. The anime made its debut on July 8, 2018. Its second season recently came out on January 9, 2021. It only ran for eight episodes and ended on February 27, 2021. 

Cells At Work Season 3

Anime Compared To The Manga Series!

The anime series didn’t follow the sequence of the manga chapters, but it did stay faithful to its source material. Its debut season adapted the content till the 18th chapter. However, it skipped the 13th and the 16th chapter, but it was later adapted in the sequel. Along with these two chapters, the second season also used the content from the manga’s fifth volume. Earlier, in January this year, the author concluded the manga series after publishing the sixth volume. Therefore, David Production only has one more volume in order to create Cells At Work Season 3. It might impact the renewal status of this show.

Cells At Work Season 3

Cells At Work Season 3: Renewal Status!

Both the previous installments of Hataraku Saibou received a tremendous response from the audience. It met a great critical reception for its educational yet entertaining content. The fans have learned a lot of things about anthropomorphized cells that work inside a human body. Its recent installment has a good score of 7.31 on MAL as well. However, still there is an issue that might prevent the renewal of Cells At Work Season 3.

Earlier, there were rumors that the second season would adapt the manga till its end. Moreover, it was said that the anime would conclude with the special Coronovirus episode as well, just like the manga. However, the second installment only ran for eight episodes, five less than its debut season, and concluded on the fifth volume. As a result, now the production studio doesn’t have enough source material to produce the full-fledged third season. So, it is likely that the officials will not give the green flag to its next installment until they get enough content for it.

Cells At Work Season 3

Cells At Work Season 3: Release Date

Since there is not enough content, it is highly unlikely for the makers to renew the show for the third season. But there is a great possibility that they might conclude the anime series with a movie. They can easily make a film with the remaining chapters. Plus, they have a decent topic for its center plot as well. So, if the makers renew a film instead of Cells At Work Season 3, fans can expect it to premiere sometime in 2023.

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