19+ Edens Zero Quotes For Fans Of Hiro Mashima’s Work!

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edens zero anime series characters

Edens Zero quotes taken from characters:

  • Rebecca Bluegarden.
  • Shiki.
  • Justice.
  • Pino.
  • Ziggy.
  • Weisz Steiner.Homura.
  • Labilia.

And plenty more!

Edens Zero is an anime made by the same author as FAIRY TAIL. So the characters, designs, and art style are similar to that of Fairy Tail. But with a slight change.

The story focuses on space travel, and with its adventures, setbacks, and usual challenges seen in shounen anime, this brings about deeper, more meaningful, or defining quotes from its relevant characters,

Let’s highlight the best Edens Zero has to offer.

The Best Edens Zero Quotes:

1. Shiki Granbell Quotes

Shiki Granbell quotes edens zero

“I’ll make sure to change this boring cosmos!” – Shiki Granbell

2. Rebecca Bluegarden Quotes

Rebecca Bluegarden quotes edens zero

“Let’s go somewhere and find happiness!” – Rebecca Bluegarden

Rebecca Bluegarden quotes edens zero 2

“I don’t regret coming to this cosmos!” – Rebecca Bluegarden

3. Happy Quotes

happy quotes edens zero

“I’m a cat, not a rabbit!” – Happy

4. Weisz Steiner Quotes

Weisz Steiner quotes edens zero

“You don’t mess with the code of a hacker!” – Weisz Steiner

5. Ziggy Quotes

Ziggy quotes edens zero

“For you to become strong, you must first become weak.” – Ziggy

6. Labilia Christy Quotes

Labilia Christy quotes edens zero

“The people who try to protect others are stronger than anyone.” – Labilia Christy

7. Homura Kogetsu Quotes

Homura Kogetsu quotes edens zero

“I want to be a warrior who can save everyone!” – Homura Kogetsu

Homura Kogetsu quotes edens zero 1

“I’m a swordswoman! I don’t need protecting!” – Homura Kogetsu

8. Witch Regret Quotes

Witch Regret quotes edens zero

“Don’t be so quick to throw your life away.” – Witch Regret

Witch Regret quotes edens zero 1

“Remember, living isn’t a sin.” – Witch Regret

9. Kleene Quotes

Kleene quotes edens zero

“As long as I’m alive, I’ll protect my friends!” – Kleene

10. Jinn Quotes

Jinn quotes edens zero

“I serve my master because I choose to, not because I’m ordered to.” – Jinn

11. Poseidon Nero Quotes

Poseidon Nero quotes edens zero

“As long as we’re alive, we’ll keep standing back up.” – Poseidon Nero

12. Laguna Husert Quotes

Laguna Husert quotes edens zero

“Even if our lives are nothing but a brief flash, we still have to shine.” – Laguna Husert

13. Hermit Milon Quotes

Hermit Milon quotes edens zero

“Life is a blessing. Don’t waste it.” – Hermit Milon

14. Sister Quotes

Sister quotes edens zero

“I’m used to praying for everyone’s happiness, but this time, I’m going to be selfish!” – Sister

15. Pino Quotes

e.m pino quotes edens zero

“A machine like me can’t understand the human heart.” – Pino

16. Justice Quotes

Justice quotes edens zero

“Evil must be punished!” – Justice


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