Grendizer U Anime Gets First Trailer, 2024 Premiere

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Grendizer U anime

Grendizer U, the reboot of the Grendizer franchise, released the first trailer and visual. The newest installment in the franchise created by Go Nagai, will premiere next year. Studio Gaina is animating it.

Grendizer U anime – First Trailer

Mitsuo Fukuda (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Future GPX Cyber Formula) will direct the series, with Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Neon Genesis Evangelion, Summer Wars) on the character designs. Ichiro Okouchi (Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion) will be writing the screenplay and Kohei Tanaka (One Piece, Sakura Wars) will be composing the music. Saudi-based entertainment company Manga Productions is producing the Grendizer U anime.

The characters that will appear in the anime series include Grendizer, Kouji Kabuto, and Duke Fleed. No information about the cast has been announced as of the time of writing.

The official listing of the Grendizer U anime at the Manga Productions’ website describes the anime as:
Following a devastating attack by Vega’s forces on planet Fleed, Duke Fleed, and Grendizer escaped to Earth. When he got there, Dr. Amon, the head of the Space Research Center, adopted him and gave him the name Daisuke. While they were working side by side in the center on a quest to find out what strange objects appeared in the city’s sky! They were surprised by an attack that jolted Daisuke’s memory.

The Grendizer U anime comes decades after the original UFO Robot Grendizer was released. It was directed by Tomoharu Katsumata and animated by Toei Animation. It aired from October 1975 to February 1977 and had a total of 74 episodes.

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