NSFW Anime Turns Protagonist Into Dog Who Gets To See Half Naked Girls Undressing

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My Life As Inukai San's Dog Has Drool Worthy Levels Of Fanservice

Japan is proving once again that creative freedom of speech and creative expression is a top priority. And censorship of any kind would only ruin the creative process, no matter how ridiculous a product might seem.

Here we have My Life As Inukai San’s Dog, or Inu ni Nattara Suki na Hito ni Hirowareta in Japanese.

It’s a web novel being adapted into an anime in 2023 where the protagonist is turned into a dog. From there his life changes for obvious reasons, but one of them being the “skin” he’s exposed to.

Mouth Watering Fanservice (It’s almost Hentai)

YouTube video

The website Areajugones describes the anime like this (snippet):

  • What does it consist of? Well, in which a high school student is suddenly transformed into a small dog.
  • The dog is later seen picked up by Karen Inukai, a classmate of the previously human protagonist who doesn’t shy away from showing herself naked in front of him… because she’s a dog (whom she names Pochita, like Chainsaw man).
  • The trailer allows us to see that this +18 anime, like so many others can be found today, will have at least two different versions: one that will be censored and the other in which EVERYTHING will be shown freely.

My Life As Inukai San’s Dog Screenshots

Every season of anime in the last 5 or so years has been its craziest as far as material. But then again, it’s more that Twitter and outrage culture started to “take over” during this time.

We’ve had:

  • Shimoneta.
  • Goblin Slayer.
  • Redo Of Healer.
  • Shield Hero.
  • World’s End Harem.
  • Ishuzoku Reviewers.
  • My Dress Up Darling.

And many others with controversial or just plain weird material.

My Life As Inukai San’s Dog is one of the latest to add to that list in 2023. An anime that clearly gives no f*cks whatsoever.

The anime air’s January 7th 2023!

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