Nano Machine Chapter 117: Manhwa On Break? Why? Release Details

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Nano Machine Chapter 117

The Nano Machine Chapter 117 has gone for a break yet again. The manhwa was to arrive on August 9, 2022. However, it is still not out yet. The publishers of the manhwa came out with an announcement on Tuesday. The manhwa fans have flooded the internet with questions regarding the release. But the publishers are avoiding any public comment related to the manhwa. They are sticking to the official announcement. But before coming up to any discussion, let’s take a look at the manhwa’s past.

Hanjungwolya and Geumgangbulgoe have written the original manhwa’s plot.It is an action-adventure manhwa that falls in the science-fiction genre. Fans often get confused with the genre of the manhwa due to its ancient age setup. However, it is a story of science fiction and time travel. The descendant from the future of Cheo Yeo-Woon changes his life. He not only gets the power of the Nano Machine from the future but also becomes the best martial artist in the world! Check out details on the break of manhwa in the article below!

Nano Machine Chapter 117

Nano Machine Chapter 117: Is It On A Break?

The Nano Machine Chapter 117 was supposed to release this week. However, the publishers of the manhwa disappointed the fans. They revealed on the release day that the manga has gone on a break this week. There will be no update about the manhwa this week. However, it has not gone on a long hiatus. Moreover, it will return with the next chapter of the manhwa next week.

The reason behind the break of the manhwa is still not yet. Even the official sources are not willing to spill anything about it. They are clearing the air with the official announcement. But the official announcement did not mention any reason for the halt. So fans are still clueless about the status of the manhwa. It is vague whether manhwa would release next week or not.

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Nano Machine Chapter 117

Nano Machine Chapter 117: The Expected Plot!

The Nano Machine Chapter 116 ended the tension between the Yeo-Woon and the Elders. Yeo-Woon has taught them such a lesson that they would not dare to challenge him again. Moreover, the Chief of Dragon Clan has promised his loyalty to Yeo-Woon till his death. So, Yeo-Woon will move forward with his plan of gathering up other allies. However, the identity of the next target is not out.

Moreover, the condition of the son of the Dragon Clan chief was very poor. He had a mental condition due to improper delivery. This damaged some nerve tissues of the boy. However, Yeo-Woon tried to make his condition well in the previous chapter. But it is not clear if he will become well or not in the upcoming chapter. Dragon Clan Chief got scared by the act of Yeo-Woon treating his younger son.

Nano Machine Chapter 117

Nano Machine Chapter 117: Release Date

The Nano Machine Chapter 117 was supposed to release on August 9, 2022. However, it is still not confirmed that manhwa will return next week. But the sources suggest that the next chapter might be out on August 11, 2022. But the officials have sewed their lips on the current topic. The official break announcement is the only clue for now. Keep following WotakuGo as we will update the section as soon as any details pops out!

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