Nano Machine Chapter 122: What’s The New Danger? Release Date & More!

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Nano Machine Chapter 122

Nano Machine Chapter 122 might also be a chit-chat chapter like the previous one. The previous chapter was all about more and more talk. It explored the doubts regarding The Heavenly Demon Clan. Moreover, the chapter revealed many secrets of the Heavenly Demon Clan. However, action-loving fans were quite upset about it. But the next chapter might also be more of a talk than action.

The next chapter will explore the threat that Cheon Inji mentioned. It seems that Cheon Yu-Jong used dirty actions to achieve ulterior motives. He used Demonic Academy as a legal place to execute all of his competitors from the other clan. Something big will be coming toward Yeo-Woon in the upcoming chapter. Moreover, he knows the most sophisticated secret to date. Check out the article below for more insight into the manhwa!

Nano Machine Chapter 122

Nano Machine Chapter 122: What’s The New Danger?

The Nano Machine Chapter 122 might be an interesting chapter if the threat appears at the end. Marakyum mentioned that The Great Lord mentioned any threat before leaving the palace twenty years ago. However, he did not return, and The Grand Guardian could not get the truth from The Great Lord. Moreover, it seems now that something wrong is going on in the Heavenly Demon Clan.

It is still a mystery why Cheon Inji did not choose to pass the Heavenly Demon Sword Arts to the Clan. He must have gotten hold of something that no one knew of. Yeo-Woon must discover this secret in the upcoming chapter as soon as he can because the enemy forces are already active. Moreover, these forces might launch the attack as The Grand Guardian completes the truth.

Nano Machine Chapter 122

Quick Recap Of The Previous Chapter

The 121st chapter of Nano Machine started with Grand Guardian’s bow to Yeo-Woon. He mentioned that Yeo-Woon would be the New Heavenly Demon as he was wielding The Heavenly Demonic Sword. The tenth elder, Yin Moha, also bowed down before Yeo-Woon as he saw the sword in his hands. Then The Grand Guardian explains the things to Yeo -Woon that the current Lord’s sword is fake and how Cheon Ma planned everything to protect the sword.

Moreover, he came to know that the current Lord was not so much a favorite to The Great Lord. He left with the promise of ten years. However, The Great Lord did not return even after twenty years. In the meantime, The Gran Guardians were checking on the Lord and The Heavenly Demon Clan. But the Great Lord mentioned a threat to Markyum, which will continue itself in the next chapter of the manhwa.

Nano Machine Chapter 122

Nano Machine Chapter 122: Release Date

Nano Machine Chapter 122 will come out on September 18, 2022. One by one, the chapters are unfolding the pages of the Clan history. It seems that these clans are built on a lot of dirty blood. Moreover, there are many secrets that might come out in the upcoming chapter. Keep following The ANime Daily for more updates regarding the manhwa!

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