Nano Machine Chapter 124: Will Huan Kill The Leader? Release Date & More!

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Nano Machine Chapter 124

Nano Machine Chapter 124 will be the initial stage of Cheon’s fight. The leader has come to know that Cheon is not a novice. Moreover, he tried to kill the Great Guardian when he came to know about the Demonic Blood Reversal Technique. It seems that the leader of the sect is hiding something. Moreover, he loves his crown so much that he is ready to kill his own son.

The next chapter will reveal the true face of the leader. However, it is not clear if Cheon has truly left for Fujian. Moreover, he might come to the meeting in the next chapter to expose the body of the Second Elder. The demonic blood reversal technique causes severe damage to the body after death. So the leader tried to hide the main corpse from others. Check out the article below for more info on the next chapter!

Nano Machine Chapter 124

Chapter 124: What’s Going To Happen Next?

The previous chapter proved that the leader of the clan was a shrewd person. He tried to alienate Cheon from his followers. Moreover, he organized a meeting just after the departure of Cheon. The parasite that the Leader mentioned took was to take the truth out of Great Guardian’s mouth. However, it seems that Cheon will enter soon to protect the Great Guardian from the Leader.

He had pre-judged the plan of the Leader. Moreover, Cheon is the new leader of the Heavenly Demon Clan, so the orders from the Leader did not affect the Great Guardian. But the Leader does not know that Cheon carries the Heavenly demonic sword. Moreover, Elder Hwan might kill the leader if he tries to escape or kill the Guardian again.

Nano Machine Chapter 124

What Happened In The Previous Chapter?

The 123rd chapter of Nano Machine started with the meeting of Cheon with his followers. He found out that a force had arrived at the gate with some order for Cheon. However, the order stated that Cheon must go to the Fujian province with the Dark Sword Clan to finish the soldiers of the Six Blade God clan. However, Cheon had already assigned some tasks to Elder Hwan as soon as he came out.

The Great Guardian found out that the Leader was not about to present the body in front of the meeting. Moreover, he organized a meeting to remove the Crown Prince in his absence. All of this was to defame the Crown Prince. He tried to manipulate the parasite inside the Great Guardian. However, he tried to kill when the Great Guardian spoke the truth in front of everyone. This was the time when Elder Hwan stopped the attack.

Nano Machine Chapter 124

Nano Machine Chapter 124: Release Date

Nano Machine Chapter 124 will release on September 28, 2022. Fans are hoping that Cheon return in the next chapter of the manhwa to prove the truth. Moreover, he must expose the Leader in front of the meeting members. It will be available to read on the official sites of, Webtoon, Kakaopage, and Naver. Don’t forget to visit WotakuGo regarding any concerns related to the manhwa!

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