Nano Machine Chapter 128: Lord Yo Vs. Crown Prince Round 1! Release Date

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Nano Machine Chapter 128

The manhwa is finally paving the path for Crown Prince to become the cult leader. However, Lord Yo has some problems and doesn’t want Crown Prince to lead their cult. That is why he will use all his force in Nano Machine Chapter 128 to fight against Crown Prince and secure his position. But it doesn’t seem like Lord can surpass Crown Prince. The situation is getting intense, and the only solution seems to die for the throne. Now let’s see who will sacrifice himself for the throne.

The upcoming chapter will focus on the battle between Crown Prince and Lord Yo. Both are serious about the throne, and Crown Prince knows Lord is dealing with the side effects of using demonic reverse blood art. So he wants everyone to be safe and secure. But this isn’t what Lord wants.

Nano Machine Chapter 128

Nano Machine Chapter 128: What Will Happen Next?

Everyone seems surprised in the upcoming chapter after seeing Crown Prince using Heavenly Demonic Sword Art. Lord is surprised to see this as he doesn’t know how to use this method. So it enrages Lord Yo, and he may decide to use his deadliest sword technique to kill Crown Prince right there right now. However, he may not know that the Crown Prince’s followers support him. One of them will give his sword to use the Left and Right sword technique.

It will piss Lord Yo off when he sees Crown Prince perfectly using the sword technique. Now Crown Prince is in a winning situation which will anger Lord Yo, and he will make a difficult decision to protect his throne. He will once again use the demonic reverse blood art, and the demon inside him will start attacking everyone in the hall, making it difficult for Crown Prince to deal with the situation.

Nano Machine Chapter 128

A Quick Recap!

The 127th chapter of Nano Machine picked up from where it left off. Lord Yo Jong started behaving differently after being accused of him going crazy. So he decided to teach the cult a good lesson. But his subordinate tried to calm him down, which was stopped by the Crown Prince. It was the moment when his subordinate realized that his suspicion was correct. After their battle against the six-blade martial god clan, the Lord started behaving strangely. He thought it was because of his internal injuries. But he was wrong. These were the side effects of using demonic reverse blood art.

After realizing this, he stepped back and let the Crown Prince handle the situation himself. Soon Lord Yo stated that everyone was against him because of Crown Prince, who was nothing but a chess piece that caused chaos in the sect, and he wanted to remove it. It pissed Crown Prince off, and soon they both indulge in massive combat. Lord used his sword techniques to hit him hard, but the sky demonic sword helped the Crown Prince to deal with the attack. Later Crown Prince used his black Qi to deal with the Lord. The battle turned intense when Crown Prince used Heavenly Demonic Sword Art. Lord seemed amazed but came back with a better move, ending with a blast.

Nano Machine Chapter 128

Nano Machine Chapter 128: Release Date

Nano Machine is edging closer to Crown Prince’s aim, and he will finally sit on his throne, which belongs to him. But before that, he needs to deal with Lord. Nano Machine Chapter 128 will release on Tuesday, October 25, 2022. You can read it on Nano Machine’s official page. Stay tuned. WotakuGo will keep you updated.

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