Nano Machine Chapter 130: Yo-Jung’s Dark Past! Release Date & Plot

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Nano Machine Chapter 130

This week Lord Yo-Jung will finally make a bold move in Nano Machine Chapter 130. Well, Lord did a lot to strengthen his clan, and he even paid the price for this. As we read in the previous chapter Yo-Jung was close to his younger brother and wanted to see him as the Lord of the clan. However, when his younger decided to cut Yo-Jung off, Yo-Jung decided to end this chapter, leaving a scar forever. Now let’s see how he will sort the present situation.

In the following storyline, Lord Yo-Jung’s past will continue to explore. It will finally show how Yo Jung become the Lord. Further, it will also show how Yo-Jung will deal with the Crown Prince in the present. Will he accept his defeat?

Nano Machine Chapter 130

Nano Machine Chapter 130: What Will Happen Next?

After recalling his past now, in the upcoming chapter, Lord Yo-Jong will be convinced to use the heavenly blood-reversing technique. He will remember the pain he felt in the past, which will help him gather the strength to use that technique. Lord Yo-Jong will surprise everyone, as nobody has ever seen that technique before. But Crown Prince will find a way to deal with Lord Yo-Jong.

But before focusing on their fight, the manhwa will continue to explore Yo-Jong’s past. It will show how Yo-Jong killed her brother and decided to become the leader of his clan. However, someone will inform the leader about his sons’ death. So they will start their investigation and find out who is behind this. After Yo-Jong’s secret is revealed, he will be kicked out of his clan. Now he needs to find a way to deal with the situation.

Nano Machine Chapter 130

A Quick Recap

The 129th chapter of Nano Machine opened up with Lord Yo-Jong being provoked to use the heavenly blood-reversing technique. Soon the scene explored Yo-Jong’s past. His mother, Qing Hwin, was the adopted daughter of Qing Bon-Kung, the leader of the Blade Clan. He wanted her to have a boy in the clan to be the clan’s successor instead of his real daughter, who failed to have a son from the demonic sect’s great leader. But after Chayon Yo-Jing and Chyon Yo-Jong were born, Yo-Jong’s mom died.

However, Yo-Jong believed that he and Yo-Jing were brothers, and he was ready to do anything for his younger brother. He even dropped his mom’s dream of seeing him as the clan’s leader. But Yo-Jong was happy when Yo-Jing called him big brother. However, everything changed when Yo-Jong passed the 5th test only three years after joining the demonic academy. It pissed Yo-Jing off. Later on, Yo-Jing joined the other clan members to defeat and kill Yo-Jong. When Yo-Jong learned about their plan, he used the heavenly blood-reversing technique and killed everyone.

Nano Machine Chapter 130

Nano Machine Chapter 130: Release Date

Lord Yo-Jong will continue to fight with his inner demon. However, things will be challenging. You will see this in Nano Machine Chapter 130, which will release on November 11, 2022. You can catch it on the official pages of Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. WotakuGo will keep you updated.

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