Nano Machine Chapter 143: Discontinued For The Week? Release Date & More To Know

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Nano Machine Chapter 143 read

There is an exciting update from the side of the makers. And the notification is in regard to the release of Nano Machine Chapter 143. In the last outing, Mun Ku and Cheon Yeo were stuck in the same room. After getting anxious and thinking about this for the longest time, it happened what they had been waiting for. But right now, it is the fans who are desperately waiting for the next chapter to come out. Without taking much of your time, here is all you need to know about the new one.

In the following storyline, there will come a lot of embarrassment. So now, the idea is to bring some interesting new dynamics to the table. What shall be the reaction of the people at the inn? Only time will give away the answers!

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Nano Machine Chapter 143: What Will Happen Next?

As of the time of writing, there is not enough update on the final release date of this one. The chapter was supposed to come out last week. However, the original version of the chapter has not come out, let aside the translated one. The chapter might be coming out in a matter of days. And the plot of it will be based on the aftermath of the kiss shared between the two mc. It will be excited to see how the next one will open with.

Nano Machine Chapter 143 read

Previous Chapter Recap!

It is certain that something is brewing between Mun Ku and Cheon Yeo Woon in Nano Machine Chapter 142. However, more than their relationship, it is the circumstance that is bringing them closer. But when Cheon saw that there was only one bed in the room, she decided that she was not going to be there. Thus, she went up to the supervisor and asked him to switch the room. As a result of this, Heo decided to relax the situation. On the other hand, she was also feeling excited and nervous.

But one thought was that this was not a good idea. In the second half of the chapter, Mun Ku goes up to Heo and tells her of the entire situation. But in the last chapter, despite all the efforts that they made, a kiss was shared between the two. But the aftermath of this is yet to come out in the rest of the story. It will be interesting to see what the morning is going to look like at for the two of them in Nano Machine Chapter 143.

Nano Machine Chapter 143

Nano Machine Chapter 143: Release Date

The release date of the next chapter did not get any updates of a break. However, it seems like the delay is coming from the side of the translation team. Thus, the chapter might be coming out within a few hours. If there is any update from the side of the publishers, we will be sure to update this section right away. Thus, keep an eye on WotakuGo to get all the updates right here.

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