Anime Fans Are Roasting Shield Hero S2 For Its BAD Ratings And Story, But Is It Justified?

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Anime Fans Are Roasting Shield Hero S2 For Its BAD Ratings And Story But Is It Justified 1

I already wrote about this earlier in the year but the topic was a little different.

When Shield Hero first aired or not long after, the famous “tortoise” scene was finally animated.

Once this scene was animated people ran to social media to roast the anime, pointing fingers at the bad animation, CGI, and overall content despite Shield Hero S2 being so highly anticipated by anime fans.

Here’s the scene people criticized:

YouTube video

There must be 100’s of these tweets criticizing the anime about this scene just by itself. But now the anime has reached the 8th episode it’s receiving more criticism and the conversation has evolved.

This time around….

The anime is being roasted for its ratings and plot

The one thing everyone seems to agree with is the 2nd season just doesn’t hit the same as the first season. And it shows in the production, the excitement, the story, the animation, the action, or any other thing being criticized.

From my point of view a lot of the fans are being dramatic about The Rising Of The Shield Hero S2 as far as how good it is overall, or I should say how bad they think it s.

There’s a reason why Shield Hero S2 isn’t hitting the same.

1. No major controversy like the first season

shield hero s1 controversy malty naofumi

It’s easy to forget just how massive the controversy was with the first season of Shield Hero. It was so big that a bunch of feminist websites dog piled the anime and made false accusations about why it’s popular.

Many claimed it was for incels, others claimed false r*pe accusations aren’t real and never happen, and most of everyone was gaslighting and getting mad at the fact it highlights real issues in our society.

Malty’s famous false r*pe accusation gave the anime wings and because the #metoo movement was blowing up during January 2019 that only made the anime even more relevant in the discussion.

Shield Hero Season 2 just can’t be compared in that way. It has nowhere near the insane levels of hype season 1 did, and it shows in the fact LESS people are watching and rating it.

shield hero s1 vs s2 ratings mal

Take another look at this picture for proof. Only 49,083 people rated Shield Hero season 2 where as season 1 has 827,918 users on the site.

I can’t say if all those people left a review but the difference in userbase is clear as day, and this definitely played a role in the 2nd season’s hype and popularity compared to the first season.

That’s just not something you can recreate to that level because it was a unique time when all the stars aligned and merged.

2. Season 2 has a weaker start than S1

shield hero s2 anime screenshots

The Rising Of The Shield Hero S2 has a weaker start and that follows up from my last point about the original controversy. S1 was spicy, triggering, and it had all the right ingredients to blow it up in the early stages.

S1 also used this as leverage to make the entire series centered around this element, and the ending made it even more satisfying when you see what Malty’s outcome ended up being (her new name is b*tch, etc).

shield hero episode 8 raphtalia 1

Season 2 is the continuation of that where Naofumi is now a better man, has matured a lot, and is still progressing in the unknown world he finds himself in and the calamities he has to work to prevent.

That doesn’t make the 2nd season of Shield Hero “bad”, but it does make the hype less addictive since the dose is weaker. That’s why the plot seems weaker or even worthless when you compare it side by side.

YouTubers are “criticizing” Shield Hero as well, but it’s half assed says Twitter

YouTube video

shield hero mothers basement criticism

mothers basement criticism shield hero s2 video

Everyone has an opinion about Shield Hero Season 2. In fact the opinions are a lot different than season 1 for obvious reasons like the one’s I pointed out.

YouTubers as a lot of them are known for always play the fence and never shard their REAL raw and uncut opinion to avoid backlash and stay on people’s “good” side… Which is the point being made by this Twitter user.

Either way it’s pretty clear season 2 is destined to suffer from a perception point of view, and that’s regardless of how good or how much better the anime gets before season 2 is finished.

I have no problem with S2 but that’s because my expectations weren’t based on the unique circumstances of season 1.

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