The God Of Highschool Season 2: Not Happening In 2023!

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The God Of Highschool Season 2

It has been three years since fans heard anything about The God Of Highschool Season 2. Three years ago, the first season certainly failed to appeal to the masses. The name of Attack On Titan fame MAPPA was associated with the project, yet it turned out to be a disaster. Well, a lot of that credit goes to Crunchyroll for that. So, what went wrong with the anime adaptation? Is there any hope for its return? Here is everything that you need to know about the sequel’s release.

The God of Highschool is one of the most well-known manhwas of Webtoon. Better known as Gat Obeu Hai Seukui, the text came out in 2011 and ran until December 2022. An anime adaptation by MAPPA was released in 2020, leaving many questions for the release of the next season.

The God Of Highschool Chapter 573

The God Of Highschool Season 2: How It Got Cancelled?

The first season of God Of Highschool came to an end in September 2020. Since this conclusion, there has been no update on when the next one is coming out. All in all, there has been no news of a renewal. But the bigger issue for the renewal is the studio. Crunchyroll has produced only a few shows in the past. And most of the shows either have poor direction or lackluster animation style. Most of the shows were criticized for their degrading quality.

The direction has not been loyal to the original content. But the turning point in the story was when Sony announced its merger with Funimation. On the face of it, it seemed like Sony was taking over the streaming company. The face of the apps and portal was that of Crunchyroll. But a lot of things were shifting to the better option, Funimation. Since then, the original animation work has been halted altogether. Thus, clarifying that The God Of Highschool Season 2 will not be happening at this production company.

However, there have been no official reports of any cancelation. It seems like the makers are shying away from giving any formal updates. And since a cancelation is not final, there might be chances that the new season will take place soon.

Shifting From Crunchyroll?

As mentioned, the reception of the first season was poor in a lot of ways. And since then, fans are disappointed in any project taken up by the company. So, for The God Of Highschool Season 2 to get a stage, the only way would be if another studio picks up the project. Studio Ufotable, Lerche, Bones, and CloverWorks are some of the top names that this text might opt for. Reports suggest that the animation business is a stringent one in Japan.

Studios and animation companies need to be booked years in advance in order to get the labor on time. Thus, the fans should make up their mind that The God Of Highschool Season 2 Release date is a long-lost dream. Only after Crunchyroll leaves room will the fans be able to catch up with the next season.

The God Of Highschool Season 2

The God Of Highschool: Manhwa Vs. Anime

The popular text of Yongje Park, published by Imageframe, was first printed on April 8, 2011. Twelve years later, the final chapter came out recently on December 8, 2023. The God of Highschool manhwa had Chapter 572 in total. As for Crunchyroll’s anime project, the 13-episode series used just 111 chapters from the source content. This suggests that more than enough material is left up for a couple of seasons. A lot of manhwa fans also suggest not watching the anime, as it skips important plot points to cover the arc.

In fact, there is material to animate up to three seasons in a row. But fans want to see an anime adaptation of the series which sticks to the manhwa and justifies all the arcs. And in the past, this has been not the case with Crunchyroll. Thus, fans are praying for some other studio to pick up the show and remake it. It will be interesting to see what the next set of events will be in the future. Right now, The God Of Highschool Season 2 looks like a long-lost dream. For those of you who wish to seek the end of the story, they shall read the manhwa from the beginning. This is because the anime has skipped a lot of important parts from the original as well.

What Will Happen In The Sequel?

The overall plot of The God Of Highschool revolves around the dynamics of the dead and the living on the same planet. In one of the ending scenes of the first season, Jin Mori was able to take down Jegal Taek, claiming himself to be the winner. However, he still has to go a long way before healing completely and coming back to the fighting pit with all his power. With this, the ‘National Competition Arc’ comes to an end, giving way to the mc to come back again.

This time, he will be marching toward North Korea in order to investigate the radiations of strong energy seeping from there. In addition, his life would be in utmost danger when people come to know that it is a being that is releasing this much energy. It will be a gorilla that they are fighting and not some nuclear power missile. The next act of the story is the ‘Jin Taejin arc.’ This storyline talks more about the protagonist’s father and his origin story. The man who nurtured and taught Mori Jin shall take charge of fighting the monsters and saving the world at last.

the god of highschool Season 2

The God Of Highschool Season 2: Release Date

So, when is The God Of Highschool Season 2 coming out? Even the fans have accepted the fact that The God Of Highschool Season 2 will not be happening anytime soon. Crunchyroll certainly killed the entire gist of the show. A similar trend took place with the Tower of God as well. And if the theory of a new studio taking over is high. Judging by all the scenarios, it is certain that the new season will not release in 2023. However, that process will take a very long time to take place. We will be sure to update this section as soon as there is more detail on this. Thus, keep an eye on WotakuGo to get all the updates right here.

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