Why “Woke” Culture Will Never Infect The Anime Industry

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The word “woke” (just like the word feminism) started out positive. It had good intentions.

The original definition is about focusing on important issues about race and social justice. Created by Black Americans.

Not anymore.

The loud minority in the USA, especially in the last decade made the word to mean something else.

Now it’s more about:

  • Political correctness.
  • Self righteous nonsense.
  • Gibberish.
  • Pandering.
  • Fake diversity.

And kissing the feet of the entitled who take the law into their hands on Twitter and the Internet.

Not to mention criticizing anyone who calls out the BS.

The anime industry has become a target

smug anya anime face

More so in the last 5 years or so, the anime industry has become a target for this “woke” foolishness.

You can already guess that a lot of this started on Twitter. The hotbed for negativity, SJW’S and cancel culture.

Whenever an anime airs that doesn’t:

  • Pander to people’s feelings.
  • Bend over backwards for a loud minority.
  • Push a politically correct message.
  • Or water the art down to the point of stupidity.

Woke Twitter and “woke” websites come out the wood works and start dishing out criticism.

Usually in fear of being targeted by the same loud minority, so they side with them and give em a platform.

Examples of “woke” attacking the anime community:

Projekt Melody made headlines in February 2020. It all sparked from controversy on Twitch.

Who is Projekt Melody anyway?

She’s a 3D Hentai cam girl who’s caused a whole lot of outrage online.

She’s a virtual live streamer so a lot of “real” cam girls feel threatened by the attention she’s getting.

projekt melody

Cam girls who do the same thing feel challenged. After all – Projekt Melody went viral and gained a mass following in NO time at all.

She talks to viewers, interacts, and does it all without the cliche “showing her naked bits” every second of the live stream.

She feels real to people. And that’s why she’s successful.

projekt melody wired article

It didn’t take long for sites like WIRED to step in and start attacking anime fans and people interested in this 3D anime girl.

Their article even starts with:

“The fanbase of Projekt Melody – an anime girl and the next step in digital sexuality – may overlap with the more misogynistic corners of the internet.” – WIRED

“Misogynistic” is a frequent word used by woke culture to attack fandoms like anime. Even if it’s misused since being misogynistic means you hate women, not celebrate them.

The onslaught vanished in over a month or so, and the anime community threw the controversy in the bin and left it there.

Cancel culture failed.

Earlier in 2020, Uzaki Chan caused controversy…. on TWITTER of course. And radical feminists came running out at full speed.

This drama started in late 2019 and in January, the blood-drive donation promoted by Uzaki Chan was almost ruined by cancel culture.

Or “woke” culture as we call it.

As you can already guess that failed too. And the anime is getting a new adaptation July 10th 2020.

Why “woke” culture won’t hurt the anime industry:

1. Japan won’t stand for it

In 2020 more than ever other year, Japan is tightening down and starting to crack down on woke culture in the US.

And the loud minority who wanna “cancel” and control anime’s content.

This year in May, CBR went on a #metoo rant about Shield Hero, an anime made back in January 2019.

Japanese Twitter went ballistic and called them out on their BS.

Even comments on CBR’S article show their own readers aren’t standing for it (In the dozens as well).

2. Japan is in full control

nagatoro smug

Japan being in full control is no surprise. Anime is from Japan, has stayed in Japan, and will never leave the homeland.

The majority of anime business is done in Japan. Even if a lot happens overseas.

This is the aggravating reason that the minority of people hoping to take anime down can’t stand.

Let’s take a manga (soon to be anime) like Nagatoro to make a point.

nagatoro meme bully anime

The concept of Nagatoro is a girl who “bully’s” her Senpai and gets on his nerves.

In reality it’s not actual bullying, it’s teasing. It’s a sign of affection and “Senpai” starts to notice it… No pun intended.

If this kind of anime aired in the US you can only imagine the outrage as tons of the minority take it out of context.

Studios and companies might avoid it because of the emphasis they’d put on the “bullying” aspect.

They’d probably censor it.

I say all that to say, these types of shows can only be adapted because it’s in Japan. And not the US.

Also – it’s another reason why woke culture can’t stop it no matter how loud they shout.

That takes me to my NEXT point…

3. Anime isn’t politically correct

YouTube video

The beauty of the Japanese anime industry is the LACK of political correctness. And a lack of sugarcoating in their content.

Sugarcoating is the equivalent of catering to the FEW at the expense of the many.

And pandering is trying to make everyone agree with you at the expense of honesty and real art.

Anime does neither of those things. And that’s why the art form is so accepted by a global audience of fans.

It’s the reason why shows like Shimoneta can exist.

Or better yet: A Boring World Where The Concept Of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist.

cockadoodle pussy shimoneta funny scene

This anime feels like it’s mocking SJW culture because the plot is based on a politically correct society where “dirty” words lands you in a jail cell.

But back to the point.

The way anime has been designed by the Japanese is so it has:

  • Freedom of expression
  • No restrictions or limits on its creativity

And so the art form (and Japanese media in general) can be expressed to the fullest… Without being watered down.

Or in other words: so it can be created the way creators intended it to be. Regardless of content.

“Woke” culture in the US can’t stand it but they can’t do anything about it either. Japan owns anime and woke culture will never infect it as a result.

Woke culture managed to infect:

  • Hollywood
  • Disney

And western media, but that can and will never happen with anime.

That’s for the best.


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