VTuber @Emiokok Exposed As A RACIST After Calling Anime Fans Pedo’s

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Vtuber @emiokok Exposed As A Racist Hypocrite After Calling Anime Fans Pedo’s

The internet continues to expose people for who they really are, day in, day out. Every single week of every single month of each year.

The more you try to project yourself as being “perfect” and flawless, and then go on to judge everyone harshly while accusing them of the most extreme things, you can only expect karma at some point.

It’s a reflection after all. Especially if you’re acting above criticism yourself.

VTuber dissed anime fans exposed for racism

YouTube video

@Emiokok as she’s called on Twitter is an anime VTuber unlike the many that are out there. She makes “cute” videos and follows the usual VTuber format in the anime space.

Recently on Twitter there was another VTuber who made a post which EmiOK openly criticized as pedo-bait and “sexualization”.

This is the tweet that was criticized by EMIOK and took issue with. This wasn’t a problem in itself until the same VTuber was exposed for “liking” images on Twitter of anime girls being sexualized…

Many of who were younger, which is the standard EMIOK criticized other VTubers for promoting, and yet she happily did the same thing making fans see her as a hypocrite.

EMIOK vtuber hypocrite tweets anime girls sexualization lolis

Exposed for racism, blackface, and the N word from as early as 2020

@emiokok emmia vtuber blackface racist

emiok anime vtuber racism nigger blackface

These images and other documentation was EXPOSED by anime fans after they were in a heated debate with @Emiokok for a full 24 hours after she originally criticized other VTubers.

During this big meltdown and Twitter beef fans exposed not just her past, but her recent past which involves black people living rent free inside her head and provoking the inner racist in her fragile body.

She then went on to make a video claiming she had “no idea what any of these things meant”, and made the same excuses everyone does when they’re called out for their bullshit.

You can watch the full video with evidence here

YouTube video

Other sources: Reddit Thread


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