World’s End Harem Season 2: Not Returning! Everything Wrong With Season 1?

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World's End Harem Season 2

World’s End Harem, easily called the flawed harem adaption, has released its first season this year (2022). The responses were mixed, but they mainly constituted of negative reviews. The ecchi show is arguably based on a common plot with some saving grace. Moreover, anime fans strongly disapproved of the protagonist. However, there is a league of okatus that has enjoyed the anime series and is desperately waiting for the next season. The final week of March 2022 has brought an end to the first season. With this much criticism, will World’s End Harem Season 2 come back? Here are all the details.

World’s End Harem is a creation of LINK, and the panels are a work of Kotaro Shono. The harem manga has released up to 14 volumes to date and is currently ongoing. It also has a spinoff under its name. The series soon got its anime adaption under Studio Gokumi, and AXsiZ World’s End Harem only has 11 episodes premiered till the end. And now, fans are eager to know whether their favorite anime will come back.

World's End Harem Season 2

Renewal Status

As of now, the makers have not announced a renewal of the series yet. Moreover, the series began on October 8, 2022, and went on till March 18, 2022. Hence, the first season ended just a little while ago. It is very unlikely for the makers to announce a renewal of the series this soon. It is also worth mentioning that the series has received a ton of negative remarks after its release. Hence, the renewal will depend on the total viewership the series harbors in the long run.

Since season one has just ended, World’s End Harem Season 2 will depend on the demand of the anime fanbase. However, considering the sensation the anime has made due to its content, it is likely that the series will continue anyway.

World's End Harem Season 2

Is It Coming Back?

Till now, there has been no news about the series making a return. But it will surely occur due to its immense popularity. It is out of no question that the series has garnered more low ratings than positive reviews. However, being a part of every headline will surely serve as a plus point for its comeback. On the other hand, the series raises a total of 6.1 out of 10 on MyAnimeList and only 6.5 on ten on IMDb ratings.

This might prevent a successful return. The animation has also been dragged among the fans because of the constant censorship of its content. Many viewers argue that this spoils the whole intention. But it is the absurd and predictable plot that some loyal fans have gotten a habit of. It appears that the plot is so monotone and boring that the fans have caught a liking towards the harem part of it. However, the manga readers continue to slander the series.

Some have even claimed the next season will be worse. However, this has only provided more popularity under its name. Irrespective of the low ratings, World’s End Harem did garner high numbers in terms of viewership. Thus, the good news, the season will anyway come back.

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World's End Harem Season 2

Production Updates

It is yet to be confirmed if World’s End Harem Season 2 is in production. Moreover, since the first season just ended, the next release might begin its production after a short while. It takes up to 9 to 11 months for a series to be roughly made. However, it generally depends on the number of workers assigned for the job. A studio might also take two to three months to complete each episode. It is also notable that World’s End Harem got delayed right after its first episode, which became the talk of the town very soon.

However, the makers will surely update the fans once the first season gets renewed. The awaited announcement might reach the fans around April 2022. Hence, the saga of one of the most controversial anime series will begin once again. However, many Redditors have claimed to have started the manga since Season 2 has very little possibility.

Is There Enough Source Material?

World’s End Harem has 12 volumes, while World’s End Harem: After World adds two more to the total. Hence, with 85 chapters, the anime series has enough source material for another season. Anime studios usually adapt 4 to 5 volumes for each season. It is likely that the upcoming season will adapt the remaining part of the manga. Plus, the mangaka has not ceased creating more content which is a good sign for anime fans. If the popularity continues, Season 3 will not seem like much of a dream either.

However, the series has received much criticism. It is mostly because of the constant censorship of the harem scenes. Another name that has been mentioned along with this anime is Redo of Healer, which is also an NSFW anime. Some harem watchers strongly recommend Redo of Healer in place of World’s End Harem because of the uncut scenes. Plus, the plot of the former has been praised too.

World's End Harem Season 2

Season 2 Plot Details!

World’s End Harem Episode 11 was a tough watch for a lot of its fans because of the slow pacing plot. Season one had less material, reportedly. Hence the plot seems almost dragged. Moreover, not many important details were caught in the first season. So, the upcoming season will continue the journey of Reito, who is in search of the cure for the MK virus. The plot will further take the viewers to Taiwan, where Reito had planned to meet his childhood girlfriend, Elisa.

While the main lead rejects the romance in his life, the presence of Elisa in the next season will surely bring a stir. However, there is much that the lead duo needs to overcome before a happily ever after. Finally, another character Chloe is likely to take much of the plot. Since the story will bring a female-dominated world, there might be occurrences of the male being slaves somewhere. Hence, World’s End Harem Season 2 can focus on many of these details.

World's End Harem Season 2

World’s End Harem Season 2: Release Date

There has been no announcement about the renewal of the first season. Thus, it is very hard to pinpoint a date at the time of writing. However, considering that the official confirmation makes its way to the fans around April, the viewers can expect World’s End Harem Season 2 around mid-2023. The first season of the series will be available on Crunchyroll for streaming. Moreover, manga is also available for reading. The release section will get updated once the date is out. Thus, for more updates on the same, keep coming back to WotakuGo.

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